If you could choose a few words to describe you, it would be: passionate, caring, and forward-thinking.

But if you describe your job in one word, it would be: boring.​

Whether you feel like you need something new in life, or you can't imagine another day of walking into your pharmacy to be yelled at by patients, technicians or your boss -- you're in the right place.

Since you're here, you probably are ready for a change. You know other pharmacists who are happy with their careers, and it's about time you found satisfaction with your work (in pharmacy or a completely different career field)

But maybe you...

  • Feel like you joined the wrong profession
  • Want a change of pace in the work you do, even something outside the realm of pharmacy
  • Feel stuck living paycheck to paycheck, stuck your debt payments and mortgage and dread your mundane job

No matter where you are in your pharmacy career journey,
you want more fulfillment, impact, and income,
and less frustration and disappointments.

You don't want to become a victim of pharmacy downsizing.

You want your work to make you happy. You want to put your energy towards work that helps you become financial free and even go part time if you wanted.

You're ready to make the next move.

But you don't know how to make that a reality. You feel stuck.

Trust me, I was there.

In light of these problems, I have a few core beliefs.

  • I believe you have the power to make your life and career inspiring to yourself and others.
  • I believe you have the inherent power to create wealth (not for money's sake) that influences your future (and your family's)
  • I believe you own the ability to change your career journey from miserable to happy
  • I believe you deserve relief from a system that doesn't treat you like the doctor you are (and earned the right for)
  • And if I'm honest, I also believe nothing beats a night including a glass of wine, Netflix, and good friends.

To sum up: You aren't meant for a lifeless career. You have potential beyond what others believe about you. I'm here to help you unlock your potential.

Heyo! I'm Alex Barker and I'm obsessed with helping pharmacists create inspiring lives and careers; specifically by turning passions and strengths into businesses or new careers.

How did I get here?

I wasn't always a happy pharmacist. A few years ago, I was a miserable pharmacist.

I hated my job. My manager and a few coworkers despised me. I found my coworkers spread lies about me. I feared for my livelihood as I thought I could lose my job any day.

There were nights I came home from work wondering if we needed to sell our home and start looking for another job. I doubted my ability to actually be a pharmacist because my coworkers daily questioned my competence.

I felt like I joined the wrong profession. I felt ensnared in a black hole of doubt and disappointment. I felt like pharmacy was a profession that wouldn’t satisfy my creative desires. I also felt like I couldn’t support my family if I left the profession.

I, like thousands of pharmacists, found myself miserable and desperately wanting change.


In 2012, I began my journey to entrepreneurship as a "side hustler." Since then, I have helped hundreds of other professionals create and grow side hustle businesses, and more recently I've helped dozens of pharmacists change to better careers and start businesses that create more freedom and income. 

If you're interested, I specialize now in helping pharmacists start side hustle businesses that create wealth and a path to part-time pharmacist or full time entrepreneur.

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This website isn’t about a get happy/rich quick-scheme. There are plenty of those on the internet.

Courtesy of Bill Watterson

Happiness isn’t obtained after following 8 tips from a clickbait website, this site will not support any such non-sense.

Rather, I will provide useful content to help you get a little bit ahead in life. Think of it like this, The Happy PharmD will help you become 10{63c12f4adb1b40e61fcf722bb37f7abda8c5f21ed0005d71e2cd9454f8af8289} happier. That’s just enough to notice a change.

I created The Happy PharmD to help inspire other pharmacists to go against the flow, to be different, to create a better life.

Thanks for being here. I appreciate it.