Why should you spend time refining your CV?

You applied to dozens of jobs and haven’t received an interview request.

You’d describe your CV as “horrible” or “dull” or “without any sparkle.”

You don’t want to waste any time applying for your next job.

You’d like to increase your chances of a residency.

If you want more inspiring pharmacy work, you need to dedicate more time to perfecting your CV.

Your CV is the window to who you are when applying to a dream job.

If you make a bad first impression or appear too dull, you can kiss your new job chances goodbye

Unfortunately, most people treat their CV’s like their living wills. No one will disagree that creating a will is an excellent idea, however, few people take the time to create it. Even fewer have a will when they need it most.

For some pharmacists, when they need their CV to make a job change, it isn’t prepared and they spend little to no time to perfect its message and image before immediately pushing the send button with an application.

Your CV the first, and sometimes only, point of contact a potential employer will get with you. Learn how to make it compelling.

Let’s Create a Wow-Worthy CV

The first step to creating an attractive CV is to realize the mistakes everyone else is making and correcting your own.

1. Wrong Information

This seems like a no-brainer, but it happens more often than you may think. You will immediately disqualify yourself for an interview if the information on your CV is incorrect. This could be including the info about high school event to irrelevant information about your gap in unemployment.

2. Understand the Company You’re Applying To

This is the greatest pharmacist career sin. It may seem tedious, but it will increase your chances at an interview immensely. Research the company, their values, the position and create a CV that offers the value the company is looking for. Don’t exaggerate the truth, but identify the value you bring that the company is looking for. If you can’t identify what’s important to the company, then you need to understand it before writing a single line of accomplishments.

3. Communicate Your Value and Passion

“I feel like [managers] don’t understand what I’m pas​​​​sionate about when they read my CV. They don’t understand I love helping patients.” - J.S. PharmD

You aren’t communicating the right value to companies in your CV. There is a way to tell a story in a CV that demonstrates your strengths.

Creating or refining your CV can feel overwhelming. That's why we've created a service to make the process easier. 

This is the CV Service that gets interviews.

Our Standout Pharmacy CV/Resume Service has one goal: to help you get more interviews.

After our extensive review, you’ll have a step by step path to create a CV that captures your unique personality and passion.

Our CV expert will help you showcase the right experience and accomplishments to convince a manager you’re the right fit.

Whether you wish to start a new pharmacy career path or increase your chance of getting a residency

This CV review can open the door to more job opportunities, remove the “residency required” obstacle for job applications and get you more interviews. Most importantly, it will equip you with the knowledge you need to refine your CV again whenever you may need it.

We have several different options to suit your needs. 

Standout Professional


Full CV/Resume Review

One 45 minute Session with our CV Expert



2 Career CV/Resume Sessions

1st Session - Review and Suggestions

2nd Session - Perfecting the CV after Edits

Salary Negotiation Seminar Series

3 Salary Experts share their tips on how to negotiate your salary

Standout Career Program


2 Career CV/Resume Sessions

1st Session - Review and Suggestions

2nd Session - Perfecting the CV after Edits

2 Months of Career Coaching

Salary Negotiation Seminar Series

3 Salary Experts share their tips on how to negotiate your salary

Interview Prep Session

After your purchase, you’ll be redirected to our CV Expert’s Calendar to schedule a session with one of our specialists. Once scheduled, you’ll be on your way to improving your CV, your career trajectory and your happiness in the pharmacy industry.

We’ve helped dozens of pharmacists improve their job situations. We’d like to do the same for you. Take the steps to obtain a fulfilling career in pharmacy.