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Alex was most instrumental in setting me on my new business venture.

Seth DePasquale, PharmD - Founder of PharmacyInspection.com

He'll provide the insight you need to get to the next place you want to go."

Tony Guerra, PharmD - Best Selling Author, Professor, and Podcaster

I find it refreshing to work with Alex.

Lucinda Maine, PharmD - CEO of AACP

Alex inspired me to focus on what matters most.

Tim Ulbrich, PharmD - Founder of Your Financial Pharmacist

Alex is a good boy.

Kim Barker - Mom


When I’m not drawing monsters with my princesses or watching anime, I’m experimenting on career development, helping pharmacists create inspiring work and lives.

I’ve worked with dozens of pharmacists as well as pharmacists in all scopes of practice from retail to industry to everything in between.

To help pharmacists learn how to create a fulfilling career in any job market, I created The Happy PharmD as a free resource with the sole goal of giving you everything you need to get started

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